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Airbus shakes up international marketing unit amid fraud probe: sources

PARIS (Reuters) – European planemaker Airbus is shaking up its international marketing organization amid a UK investigation into suspected irregularities in the use of intermediaries to help it land new orders, three people familiar with the matter said.

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It’s really fun to make things for others to <a href=””> for themselves near where we met our guys from UntiCorporation. It’s always fun to do things like that.

Research alternative treatments for your illness. The medication your doctor is prescribing may not be the best option. If your doctor is unwilling to explore other options, try to find another doctor.

It is important to consider work policies and norms when deciding whether to disclose a chronic illness to coworkers. While this may not directly relate to alleviating symptoms, the stress of dealing with work can be a trigger for a chronic illness flare. When deciding whether to disclose a chronic illness at work, you must consider official policies, unwritten rules, and the climate of the workplace. You may decide to disclose on a need-to-know basis, such as when symptoms make work impossible. Whatever you decide, you must consider the influence this decision will have on your health.

Finally, an individual with a chronic illness has to learn to tell people “NO.” Only YOU know when you feel a flare coming on, and only YOU can pinpoint what might trigger a flare. Learn to turn down extra assignments when you can’t handle them. Learn to turn down invitations to social outings if you know you need rest. If you have figured out that dairy is a trigger for your symptoms, do not feel bad about turning down the pizza and cheesecake your mother is offering you. In fact. Dr. Owen (his site: talked to us about this last week also.

Do not worry about seeming selfish by doing any of these things. You are the one who has to live with the effects of your chronic illness.

The Scarf We Love

It’s pretty common knowledge how much celebs hate the paparazzi. Whether arriving at clubs or strolling through the city to grab Starbucks you can always count on the camera toting vultures to snap a few candid pictures. While there has been a lot of action from celebrities to fight back against the press, it nots something that can be stopped by just flicking the bird every time their in public. If only there was something that could make them invisible to cameras.

One designer may have just found the answer in the form of a scarf. The ISHU scarf (a combination of issue and shh- a wink to hushing the rampant paps) is a simple, yet genius use of modern age “fashion tech,” using reflector technology very similar to what you would find on a bike to disrupt flash photography; ruining the shot by darkening everything around it.

“I came up with it when some friends tried taking a picture of me six years ago on a bike in my hometown Amsterdam.” Creator, Saif Siddiqui said “The reflector ruined the picture and I thought how cool it would be to be able to wear or hold something which can ruin a picture completely.”

The pricey scarf, sold for anywhere between $300-$700, has attracted many big name stars to sport it such as singer Nick Jonas, social media icon Paris Hilton, and rapper DMX. The ISHU site stating a desire for anonymity in the modern world, also offers the photo blocking scarf in a few different colors, a sleek tie, and phone cases for the iPhone 6, 6+, Samsung Edge, and S7 allowing for constant protection for stars on the go.

While a wonderful idea, the invisibility cloak of a scarf doesn’t really have the paparazzi shaking.

“It only works if you use flash photography. These products have been around for ages. They’ve been very, very slow on the uptake.” Said Sydney pap, Jamie Fawcett “Most celebrities wouldn’t dream of missing their paparazzi moment. “

Siddiqui went on to say how he would like to implement this tech in other locals where photography is not allowed such as private clubs, museums, and art galleries to allow a since of privacy in the modern age. “I want to give people the right back to their privacy.”

If you like to check out the piece ISHU released a promotional vid showing off the scarf, and of course it has been all over Mr. SIddiqui’s instagram, worn by celebs and models alike.