Rachel McAdams Tops A Bevy Of Best-Dressed Stars Honoring Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton?s iconic career is packed with so many signature menswear-inspired style moments, her look has become as famous as her roles. So it?s no real surprise that stars came out in full fashionable force Thursday night for an event honoring her achievements.

Rachel MacAdams led a bevy of fabulously dressed celebrities who paid homage to Keaton at the American Film Institute?s 45th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute to Keaton in Hollywood. The ?Spotlight? star, who spoke at the event, dropped jaws in a perfectly fitted floral Johanna Ortiz gown.

Other notable mentions included a super blonde Emma Stone in a printed long-sleeved Loewe dress, Meryl Streep in a Keaton-esque tie and, of course Keaton, looking more like herself than ever. Check out the exceptionally stylish event below.

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Donald Trump Jr. Tells Sean Hannity That The Dow Exonerates His Dad

After James Comey?s Senate hearing Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News? Sean Hannity that the stock market?s rise amid the proceedings cleared the president?s name.

?When the Dow hits another all-time record right during the testimony, you know that he?s been exonerated,? President Donald Trump?s eldest child said. ?The markets basically said this has been nonsense.?

The market did indeed peak toward the end of the testimony, CNN reported, but Wall Street?s reaction doesn?t exactly constitute a judge and jury.

Following an earlier Twitter rant, the president?s elder son had more to say to Hannity after the much-anticipated testimony, which focused on conversations between Trump and then-FBI director Comey about the bureau?s probe of alleged links between Russia and the Trump campaign.

?Reasonable people are seeing that this has just been one big witch hunt,? Donald Trump Jr. said. ?They see how disgusting the swamp really is. They see the teeth that are there, and I think they?re going to realize that, ?Hey, give the guy a chance. Let him do what he was elected to do, and he?ll do a phenomenal job.??

In an ominous remark for many, he said he was happy for liberals? ?over the top? attacks on his father. ?It?s going to make 2020 that much easier.?

Watch the interview above.

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Amid Uncertainty, Theresa May Calls for Stability

With elections putting her majority in doubt, Prime Minister Theresa May declared that the Conservatives would bring stability to Britain if they won the most seats in Parliament.

Sorry, But We’re Stuck With Trump

Is there anything more gauche than quoting yourself? Well, maybe starting an article with a rhetorical question is worse, but?

In any case, here is an excerpt from something I wrote last summer: ?If there is one thing that the candidacy of Donald Trump has taught us, it is to never count him ? or his followers ? out.?

Until just about everyone else in America says, ‘Enough of this sh*t,’ Trump’s supporters are numerous enough to keep his wobbly, haphazard administration upright.

I was writing about the latest polls at that time, which showed that Donald Trump had as much chance of winning the election as Noam Chomsky did of landing a triple salchow to clinch the gold.

I mean, it was absurd to think Trump might capture the Electoral College ? just ludicrous. Ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha.


Yes, we?re all still laughing five months into this monstrosity of a presidency. Our laughter is not joyous, of course, nor is it resigned or world-weary. It?s more like the collective lunatic howling of the damned, which I guess still counts as laughter nonetheless.

Regardless, my point in that article was to be skeptical of all the experts who assured us that Trump would flame out in spectacular fashion and that America would never hand over the car keys to a man who isn?t even qualified to be the assistant undersecretary in the Federal Bureau of Weights and Measures, much less the f*cking chief executive of the nation.

No, we were all a little too relaxed about the possibility of a Trump presidency. And I?ve written before about the liberal tendency to insist that this time ? really, really, really this time ? it?s all over for Trump.

As you recall, he wasn?t going to win the nomination, he wasn?t going to win the election, rogue electors were going to deny him the presidency, he would get impeached on his first day, he would resign in disgust immediately, and so on and so on. He would this, that, and the other thing.

All of this would prevent us from living in a world where the president of the United States repeatedly insults an ally just hours after that ally has suffered a terrorist attack, or makes America the undisputed bad guy in the history of climate change, or just in general resembles an evil, sputtering old man planning to slip razor blades into apples next Halloween.

And just today, we have confirmation of what we all knew, which is that this president is even more corrupt than Nixon and thinks ?obstruction of justice? is some kind of fancy French dessert.

Well, here?s the truth: None of this really matters, because Trump?s base doesn?t care about any of this.

Hell, white supremacists and conspiracy nuts and right-wing hatemongers are all for the man, more than ever. And until just about everyone else in America says, ?Enough of this sh*t,? his supporters are numerous enough to keep Trump?s wobbly, haphazard administration upright. The alt-right and the bigoted will not be dissuaded. They are a multitude of furious fire ants keeping the anthill from toppling over, even after repeated sprayings from the flummoxed homeowner.

And so, none of these scandals are nearly enough to end our nightmare.

Of course, the impeachment-o-meter is hovering around 40 percent, so what do I know?

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Abandoned Baby Found In Jonas Brothers Backpack Outside Arizona Grocery

Police in Tempe, Arizona, are looking for any information about a baby girl found alive inside a Jonas Brothers backpack Sunday night.

A passer-by found the backpack holding the newborn child in a shopping cart in a grocery store parking lot, according to AZFamily.com.

The temperature at the time was 103 degrees, and the baby was wrapped in a blanket.

The witness brought the child to the store manager, who called 911.

When the dispatcher asked if the girl appeared injured, he replied, ?She?s beautiful,? while the child cried and gurgled, according to a 911 call obtained by Inside Edition.

The caller told police part of the baby?s umbilical cord was still attached.

?Oh my goodness,? the caller said. ?The baby was just barely born right now.?

Police picked up the child and took her to a hospital, where she was reported in good health. She is now in foster care, according to Phoenix station KSAZ.

Anyone with information about the child or her parents is asked to call 480-350-8311.

Whoever abandoned the child might be facing criminal charges, which is ironic since the baby girl was left only 50 feet from a fire station, which is considered a ?safe haven,? according to Paul Nies, the assistant chief for the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department.

?There?s a certain amount of frustration that all they had to do was walk 50 feet away to the fire station, give us the child, no questions asked. We?d have taken care of that baby,? Nies told AZFamily.com.

Arizona state law says that parents who surrender an unharmed newborn within 72 hours of birth to a Safe Haven provider will not face criminal charges. 

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