Nuvo H2O Review – Best Salt-Free Home Water Softener

Nuvo H2O is a salt-free advanced water softener system. It does not include salt for water softening hence a lot of money is saved. Salt-free water softeners are specialized for preventing limescale build up.

Limescale, that whitish cast damage your plumb and fittings. It causes corrosion and degradation. Those stubborn marks on ceramics and tiles are hard to eliminate.

Hard water also increases water consumption, how? You need extra water to remove soap and detergent from the body and clothes.

Note: Nuvo H2O water softening systems do not work if water pH level is 7.9 or below. In such cases, we recommend you to buy salt-based softeners available in the market.

Nuvo H2O Technology:

Salt-free water softeners key job is to descale lime from hard water. The science behind this procedure is Template Assisted Crystallization Method (TAC) by machines to use for hard ions.

Crystallization bars impede minerals to adhere to the pipes. Nuvo H2O does not remove 100 percent hard minerals but it is recommended for water descaling.

Nuvo H20 is compact and produces an agronomical sound that is appropriate for congested and small apartments. It fits too easily in small places. Water softening without salt as mentioned earlier is not actually water softening. It is water conditioning i.e. with the help of citric acid water pH level is maintained. This process is known as chelation process.

Chelating agent citric acid has the approval of FDA for water balancing. It binds minerals and prevents it from crusting inside pipes and fittings. By chelation, process water becomes soft, clean and pure which is ideal for consumption and household work.

Nuvo H2O has a capacity of 60000 gallons of water that is sufficient for 6 people or more. You can read more about advanced Nuvo H2O systems on

Product Review:

The demand for salt-free systems has increased rapidly. Keeping this in mind Nuvo H2O can be segmented into three models as per consumer requirement. There are many mixed customer reviews about Nuvo H2O systems; still, it stands out from many water softeners available in the market. It is value for money product as per gathered information.

  • Nuvo H2O Studio Systems
  • Nuvo H2O Manor System
  • Nuvo H2O Home System

Nuvo H2O Studio Systems

Ideal for homes that covers about 1000 square feet space. Water tastes pure and healthy as the chelation process maintains pH level. The bonus is the nutrients in water remains intact after conditioning.

The unit runs on 12 GPM with a 1-inch yoke for smooth working. it has the capacity to treat 25000 gallons of water efficiently. The package includes a 10-inch saltfree cartridge. It is a safe and great option for those who need to keep a check on sodium levels.

Nuvo H2O manor System

It is ideal for houses with 2100 sq ft area. The machine measures 8*29 inches which come with installation kit. It is a DIY process; you can install it by yourself without any expertise. Nuvo H2O Manor system works on 15 to 18 GPM flow rate with 1.5-inch ports for continuous functioning. It eliminates refilling of brine tank with salt, no wastage of salt or electricity.

Nuvo H2O Home System


Nuvo H2O Home System works on a flow rate of 12 to 15 GPM to ensure steadfast function. It covers 2000 sq ft area with the ability of 500000-gallon water. Its 20-inch cartridge curbs limescale competently. It is eco-friendly, lightweight and easy to handle equipment. The installation manual is provided with the package for easy home installation.


  • Eco-friendly product
  • DIY installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Three models for different requirements
  • Compact and Handy
  • Saves money and energy
  • Fits to congested places
  • All healthy nutrients are preserved
  • Helps to maintain low sodium diet


  • Does not clear 100 percent hardness when harness level is high
  • Cartridges need to be replaced in every 3 to 6 months

Our Verdict:

Nuvo proves to be a promising product. If you are dealing with limescale issue this is a boon for you. The primary cost of the product might appear on a higher side but it is worth investing. It is a long run product with cost efficacy when weighed in terms of after service.
We hope this review solved your problem, what’s your take on this?

The Research We Know

Coping with chronic illness can disrupt your life in a variety of ways. It may seem to be a minor nuisance that must be dealt with occasionally, or it may be so debilitating that it makes everyday activities nearly impossible. Treatment options may range from being told to ignore it to taking multiple medications for the symptoms. However, there are some actions that you can take to address the root causes of your chronic illness, or at least eliminate symptoms.

First, attempt to pinpoint triggers for chronic illness flares. Most chronic illnesses fluctuate in their severity; at times, the sufferer may almost forget about the illness. Some individuals are able to identify specific foods that bring about their symptoms. Because of this, many autoimmune patients find success in using elimination diets, such as the Autoimmune Protocol. Sometimes, I have seen people how have had lice in the Roswell area, same the same thing, but I am not sure that is true (see

Others may find that stress or certain environmental factors trigger their symptoms. For example, stress can be a common trigger for migraine headaches, and heat can trigger symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Research alternative treatments for your illness. The medication your doctor is prescribing may not be the best option. If your doctor is unwilling to explore other options, try to find another doctor.

It is important to consider work policies and norms when deciding whether to disclose a chronic illness to coworkers. While this may not directly relate to alleviating symptoms, the stress of dealing with work can be a trigger for a chronic illness flare. When deciding whether to disclose a chronic illness at work, you must consider official policies, unwritten rules, and the climate of the workplace. You may decide to disclose on a need-to-know basis, such as when symptoms make work impossible. Whatever you decide, you must consider the influence this decision will have on your health.

Finally, an individual with a chronic illness has to learn to tell people “NO.” Only YOU know when you feel a flare coming on, and only YOU can pinpoint what might trigger a flare. Learn to turn down extra assignments when you can’t handle them. Learn to turn down invitations to social outings if you know you need rest. If you have figured out that dairy is a trigger for your symptoms, do not feel bad about turning down the pizza and cheesecake your mother is offering you. In fact. Dr. Owen (his site: talked to us about this last week also.

Do not worry about seeming selfish by doing any of these things. You are the one who has to live with the effects of your chronic illness.

The Scarf We Love

It’s pretty common knowledge how much celebs hate the paparazzi. Whether arriving at clubs or strolling through the city to grab Starbucks, you can always count on the camera-toting vultures to snap a few candid pictures. While there has been a lot of action from celebrities to fight back against the press, its not something that can be stopped by just flicking the bird every time they’re in public. If only there were something that could make them invisible to cameras.

One designer may have just found the answer in the form of a scarf. The ISHU scarf (a combination of issue and shh- a wink to hushing the rampant paps) is a simple, yet genius use of modern age “fashion tech,” using reflector technology very similar to what you would find on a bike to disrupt flash photography; ruining the shot by darkening everything around it.

“I came up with it when some friends tried taking a picture of me six years ago on a bike in my hometown Amsterdam.” Creator, Saif Siddiqui said, “The reflector ruined the picture, and I thought how cool it would be to be able to wear or hold something which can ruin a picture completely.”

The pricey scarf, sold for anywhere between $300-$700, has attracted many big-name stars to sport it such as singer Nick Jonas, social media icon Paris Hilton, and rapper DMX. The ISHU site stating a desire for anonymity in the modern world, also offers the photo blocking scarf in a few different colours, a sleek tie, and phone cases for the iPhone 6, 6+, Samsung Edge, and S7 allowing for constant protection for stars on the go.

While a beautiful idea, the invisibility cloak of a scarf doesn’t really have the paparazzi shaking.

“It only works if you use flash photography. These products have been around for ages. They’ve been very, very slow on the uptake.” Said Sydney pap, Jamie Fawcett “Most celebrities wouldn’t dream of missing their paparazzi moment. “

Siddiqui went on to say how he would like to implement this tech in other locals where photography is not allowed such as private clubs, museums, and art galleries to allow a sense of privacy in the modern age. “I want to give people the right back to their privacy.”

If you like to check out the piece, ISHU released a promotional vid showing off the scarf, and of course, it has been all over Mr SIddiqui’s instagram, worn by celebs and models alike.

5 Easy Tips To Make Your Bedroom Look Great

Homeowners are slowly moving away from the big house trend. They are today considering small houses in favor of the more massive mansions. This is because the smaller houses are easier to heat, cool and maintain. However, since they are smaller in size, the lesser square footage means smaller living space. In case you have a small bedroom, try taking your time and go through the tips and tricks listed below that will help leave you with a perfect place to sleep and relax.

#1. Maximize Lighting

Darker rooms usually appear a bit smaller while the lighter rooms appear larger. It is important that you consider keeping window treatments simple to allow more light into the bedroom. You can consider adding extra light using wall scones instead of the table lamps. This will ensure side tables are left open for other items. You can try making your bedroom surfaces reflective since reflective surfaces such as wall mirrors do reflect light making your bedroom appear larger.

#2. Remove Clutter

Clutter removal is one of the biggest things you can do to help make your small bedroom appear larger. Having more items in your small bedroom is make it more cramped. It is important that you consider the items you need to have in your bedroom. For example, you can have the book collection stored elsewhere in the house. Personal toiletries such as makeups can be stored in the bathroom. Clutter removal is one of the most inexpensive and easiest tricks you can use in your small bedroom to make it more comfortable and peaceful.

#3. Use the wall space

When your bedroom is small, the horizontal space will in most cases be limited forcing you to consider your vertical
space. Most homeowners are known to preserve their walls for artwork not knowing that they can put their walls to work as storage units, bookcases, and floor to ceiling shelves. Closed storage is known to be excellent for clothing
and gets itself cleaner design wise. However, there are times when open storage can be of greater value especially in a kids bedroom where they always need everything to be accessible.

#4. Consider using a Loft Bed

Do you have enough ceiling height in your bedroom? Then a loft bed can be an excellent solution for creating more space for your small bedroom. Lifting your bed from the floor will provide your bedroom with valuable space underneath. You can use the space created as a workstation or space for a desk depending on what you need. You can also consider getting a sofa for watching television, lounging or reading.

You can get a raised bed in case you do not have high ceilings and make good use of the shorter space below the bed for storage.

#5. Be Creative with Storage

You will be thinking of creative ways on how you can store your items from sight after you have removed unnecessary clutter. The bedroom door or closet backside is an excellent place for hanging shallow shelving unit or organizer. Consider adding specialty hangers on your closet to help in storing scarves, ties or belts.

It is possible for one to make their small bedroom their home’s highlight and a better place to rest with some hard work and creativity.