5 Easy Tips To Make Your Bedroom Look Great

Homeowners are slowly moving away from the big house trend. They are today considering small houses in favor of the more massive mansions. This is because the smaller houses are easier to heat, cool and maintain. However, since they are smaller in size, the lesser square footage means smaller living space. In case you have a small bedroom, try taking your time and go through the tips and tricks listed below that will help leave you with a perfect place to sleep and relax.

#1. Maximize Lighting

Darker rooms usually appear a bit smaller while the lighter rooms appear larger. It is important that you consider keeping window treatments simple to allow more light into the bedroom. You can consider adding extra light using wall scones instead of the table lamps. This will ensure side tables are left open for other items. You can try making your bedroom surfaces reflective since reflective surfaces such as wall mirrors do reflect light making your bedroom appear larger.

#2. Remove Clutter

Clutter removal is one of the biggest things you can do to help make your small bedroom appear larger. Having more items in your small bedroom is make it more cramped. It is important that you consider the items you need to have in your bedroom. For example, you can have the book collection stored elsewhere in the house. Personal toiletries such as makeups can be stored in the bathroom. Clutter removal is one of the most inexpensive and easiest tricks you can use in your small bedroom to make it more comfortable and peaceful.

#3. Use the wall space

When your bedroom is small, the horizontal space will in most cases be limited forcing you to consider your vertical
space. Most homeowners are known to preserve their walls for artwork not knowing that they can put their walls to work as storage units, bookcases, and floor to ceiling shelves. Closed storage is known to be excellent for clothing
and gets itself cleaner design wise. However, there are times when open storage can be of greater value especially in a kids bedroom where they always need everything to be accessible.

#4. Consider using a Loft Bed

Do you have enough ceiling height in your bedroom? Then a loft bed can be an excellent solution for creating more space for your small bedroom. Lifting your bed from the floor will provide your bedroom with valuable space underneath. You can use the space created as a workstation or space for a desk depending on what you need. You can also consider getting a sofa for watching television, lounging or reading.

You can get a raised bed in case you do not have high ceilings and make good use of the shorter space below the bed for storage.

#5. Be Creative with Storage

You will be thinking of creative ways on how you can store your items from sight after you have removed unnecessary clutter. The bedroom door or closet backside is an excellent place for hanging shallow shelving unit or organizer. Consider adding specialty hangers on your closet to help in storing scarves, ties or belts.

It is possible for one to make their small bedroom their home’s highlight and a better place to rest with some hard work and creativity.

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