Hillary Clinton To Next Female Presidential Candidate: Prepare to Be ‘Brutalized’

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is hopeful that a woman from any background can run for the United States presidency in the near future. But that candidate needs to fully understand what she?s up against.

?You have to be prepared for what it means to literally be brutalized,? the former secretary of state said Thursday at BookExpo America in New York City, the publishing industry?s annual gathering. ?It is unlike any experience she has ever had before. Our system in our country is the most difficult political environment in the world of any democracy to elect a leader.?

This woman might come from a background in politics, Clinton added, or could perhaps be a writer or a business executive. 

She?s up for offering experience and advice but said she believes the future candidate needs to ?find his or her own way.?

“You are carrying the burden of the double standard and you have to know that.”

Clinton has remained active in the first few months of Donald Trump?s presidency, giving speeches and appearing at conferences to continue defending her ideals. But it?s been a troubling time that has felt nothing like her loss in the 2008 election, she said.

?I?m worried not just because there are partisan differences but we?re living in such an abnormal time when we look at the way this White House is behaving,? she said on Thursday, adding ?some of the biggest challenges we face: the dishonesty, the fabrication ? it is deeply troubling.?

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